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A little about me and what it means to have created Soulfulness

I have been a perpetual student going from academia to the corporate jungle to the world of energy healing and holistic health .....

My journey has been unexpected, sometimes daunting, often uncertain but always fulfilling!

In my pursuit of a successful career and the ambition to achieve goals, targets and objectives I found myself questioning what else is there? There has to be more……

With a thirst for knowledge and often a longing to seek out the answers, it was not long before I started on meditation classes, crystal courses and very importantly Reiki which proved to be a significant time in my life.

Learning Reiki and how energy works led to understanding the Mind, Body & Spirit connection. If everything is energy then what we think about ourselves, what goes on around us - in relationships and the world must mean something.

My interest in holistic health has grown in depth and experience since I started this journey in 2003. My traditional training in massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and counselling support my knowledge and have the wisdom and insight I have gained over the years.

Colour therapy was the next significant achievement to not only being able to decipher what the body communicates but to  look at where emotions and thought patterns are often misinterpreted, or worse ignored.

The Antaneea Technique Massage brought all of my training and knowledge together to make this a profound and healing modality which has brought immense change and support not only in my life but also for friends, family and clients.

I was very grateful to have been introduced to the amazing modalities of Access Consciousness (BARS, Energy Facelift and Body Processes) in 2012. Using the tools of Access in my every day life accelerated and brought about even more change than I could have imagined for my life, my body and my business. I am a certified Access BARS Practitioner and Facilitator which allows me to pursue my other calling as that of a teacher.
Having completed Foundation, Level 1, 2 and 3 in Access Consciousness has enhanced and opened my world up to even more than I could have imagined!!!

I am also a Conscious Life Coach which I firmly believe is an asset in supporting myself, my practise and ultimately my clients to guide but more ESPECIALLY, empower my clients in THEIR personal journey and growth. 

I would be delighted and honoured to chat to you about how I can support and empower you in your journey to Soulfulnes.