Antaneea Massage (12 oils)

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A massage that brings colour, sound and touch together in harmonious convergence and synergy.

Using the 12 Oils of Transformation, this indulgent massage works on 3 levels to lead body, mind and soul  through a transformative healing experience. With a specific sequence of colours for each layer- the first supports the physical body, with the next layer to bring in emotional stability; and the final layer to align with your potential.

This unique combination of colour, sound and energy healing, is gentle and nurturing through out the whole process with the body absorbing the energy of colour, the vibration of sound and the energetic support of the therapist.

Channelled healing energy is also an integral part of the session - this is always unique to the individual for the healing that is required. At it's very basic Antaneea is a relaxing, nuturing treatment but one that works deep into all levels to release trauma and memories that have been locked away.

In the time that I have been facilitating Antaneea sessions I have observed that those clients who commit and are willing to choose healing are those that change their lives in ways they haven't previously experienced.