VortexHealing® derives its name from a particular Divine energy-vortex that is brought into manifestation in the heart and becomes a vehicle for Merlin’s* Divine presence to manifest healing, transformation and spiritual growth.

The deep connection to this Divine presence is what makes VortexHealing® so unique, for this Divine presence deeply ‘bridges’ both Divine vortex energies and its own Divine consciousness into the recipient, and guides their movement to optimize healing.

This is critical, because conditioning of our issues is based on the consciousness of separateness, of ego. So it cannot simply be released, it must be transformed back into freedom, back into the wholeness from which it came. But only that which is free of ego—only deeply bridged Divine energy and Divine consciousness—can do that. And these are the healing tools of VortexHealing®.

VortexHealing® is not something that was created but comes to us as a gift of the divine presence within the Merlin* lineage. And the intention of that divine presence is to heal us, transform us, and open us to the inner freedom of our true being.

Ric Weinman describes VortexHealing® as an incredibly powerful healing art from the Merlin lineage. "It derives its name from a particular energetic vortex structure that is the interface between our physical world and a special healing realm that is accessed in this art. This healing realm is what makes VortexHealing® so unique."

The practitioner can channel not just a very powerful healing energy – the energy and light of the vortex – but also the consciousness of this special realm, which is composed of seven divine beings whose sole intention is to manifest healing. This enables VortexHealing® not only to perform deep healing on the physical and emotional level, but also to release the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings. They are transformed directly by divine consciousness."

*refers to the lineage and not solely the Merlin of King Arthur’s era.
*Merlin within VortexHealing is a title given to a teacher of the lineage