Rainbow Massage – Chakra Balancing

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Using 7 coloured oils, this massage is solely on the back to bring balance to the chakras and the energy system. and revitalise the body, mind and soul.

A chakra is an energy center feeding universal energy into your physical body via the auric field. Your body vibrates the full light spectrum at all times.

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Antaneea Massage (12 oils)

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A massage that brings colour, sound and touch together in harmonious convergence and synergy.

Using the 12 Oils of Transformation, this indulgent massage works on 3 levels to lead body, mind and soul  through a transformative healing experience. With a specific sequence of colours for each layer- the first supports the physical body, with the next layer to bring in emotional stability; and the final layer to align with your potential.

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Reading the Rainbow

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A 9 bottle colour reading to provide you with insight to guide  help and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. You will be guided to identify life lessons and highlight areas that need attention as well identify hidden potential to unlock and strengthen.

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