Together We Create a New Earth for All.

For the Creators, Visionaries & Healers who seek to upgrade & shift from 3D to 5D consciousness to live in alignment with Purpose, increased Abundance and attain Inner Mastery.

Fazila Bizior is ...

A New Earth Mentor, Intuitive Empathic Healer and Metaphysical Teacher.
When you connect with Fazila, you connect with the vibration of the Mystic-Healer-Sage.

The Sacred Inner Work we do for ourselves, is the Sacred Work we do for All. 

This is the New Earth frequency of living and BE-ing.

Fazila is committed to guiding and mentoring those who are on their healing and personal development journey heal their emotional-mental-spiritual trauma and (by doing so) release lower 3D energetics of programs, codes and plug-ins so that they may be compatible to evolve into the high vibrational frequency of New Earth. 


At this time of transformation and transition we EACH are solely responsible for the choices ahead of us – to move from linear (3D) thinking to multi-dimensional potentiality (5D and beyond). 


I will stress – neither is right nor wrong, worse nor better. 

The dimensional frequencies are just different – the range of frequency, rules of engagement and laws of manifestation.


This makes it non-negotiable that we master navigating through each of the stages of 3D (physical reality)- 4D (Astral/Emotional)-5D (Causal/Mental). 


Achieving mastery of our emotions, feelings and mental projections determine the reality we create and live within. Some souls will receive the call to awaken, others choose to while some will not

What ever the choice and when you make it – it is important to know that increasing one’s vibration and frequency requires that we show up for ourselves to the INNER WORK

To this end, the Inner Work Mastery is about releasing the programming and conditioning held in the physical body, emotional baggage, limited mental and behavioural patterns, spiritual wounds, karmic pain and genetic history of ancestral trauma so that we can raise our frequency for our soul’s evolution. 

The New Earth frequencies are vibrations that are heart-centered, community, co-creation, collaborative, in communion with nature so that we can create heaven (5D) on earth (3D). 

The old 3D way of competition, separation, scarcity, and basic survival fears are not compatible with where humanity has the potential to get to. It is required that each one of us clear and heal these programs so that as we thrive so too will humanity. 

BUT – you are first responsible for your own path.

From conception till 7 years of age, a child will be imprinted by everything that they have been exposed to or have experienced in their environment. During these years, children spend most of their time in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles – which is the same state that a person is in, when they are in hypnosis or meditation.


Children walk around in a permanent state of hypnosis, being programmed by the environment, open to suggestion, in a super learning state. It is during these years that we take on beliefs about ourselves and life. Many of these beliefs, programs and social conditioning will remain unconscious throughout the rest of our lives, though they will show up in our behaviours, our achievements, our goals, how we choose our friends, our life partners and so on. 


Unless we consciously clear the mindset, behaviours and beliefs we hold, what we think of as our individual personality is programming that we have had no control over. 

The Future of Healing is Energy Medicine.

Everything is Energy. 

Your world is a Mirror of You.

A reflection of your beliefs, thoughts and actions. 

It is time to raise your true power to create your life from an elevated state of Being.

I work with a combination of modalities to clear and transform hidden, subconscious beliefs, negative social conditioning and trauma that has been carried for years – even life times. 

I have specialised and trained in channeling Energy Medicine for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic healing which also empowers clients to awaken to higher consciousness.

I have been working with, and have had training in different healing arts and energy modalities for over 17 years – all of which come together to facilitate the Inner Work Mastery

Being an Intuitive Empathic Healer means that I tune in to, and work with, the energies and vibration of people, the environment and cosmic energies.

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What Clients say :

Going to Fazila for an Antaneea session was just a blessing.


Besides it being like 3 massages in one, the energy addressed so many issues I thought I’d dealt with but were still being held in the body, and then was able to release it all.


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I had my first Vortex Healing session with Fazila today and it was wonderful! We addressed a sensitive and critical part of my healing journey head-on and I felt the waves of energy shift, flow, and sink into my cells as she was working. 

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Fazila is currently supporting me with my healing journey with my son. In the first session it was amazing how she was able to support me through coaching, to identify and break down old patterns while supplying me with day to day tools to effect change and make new choices that actually bring about the new energies in my life. 

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My Story

When I first started working with clients, I offered Reiki sessions to them. Despite being at the Reiki Master level, I was absorbing the energy of the issues I helped them heal and release. 

This was how I became aware that I was an empath – an absorber and transmuter of energy. 

Need Advice?

Please schedule a 15 minute no-obligation call with me and we can chat about what you could be doing to address issues coming up for you.

Find out more about my work

I have experienced many different types of healing and trained in the ones that helped me shift and transform parts of my past experiences. 


Further information can be found for different modalities I offer but each of them is a part of me and therefore you get the benefit of my collective experience and training in every session.

I would love to hear from you!

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