Everything we experience is a lesson…. even Covid.

Getting sick in early January 2022 was monumentous for me.

I went to bed on the 4th of Jan (a Tuesday evening) with a slight tickle in my throat and woke up with a sore throat that I was confused about. Still not thinking anything of it I told my husband I felt a bit off.


The next 2 days progressed with me feeling like I was burning from the inside out. But the thermometer reflected otherwise. (I didn’t think too much of it – we were in the middle of a heatwave here in the Western Cape, South Africa.) 


By Wednesday evening the body aches were pronounced, and the headaches went from being in the background to me realizing the possibility of being sick – even if the thermometer wasn’t picking up the fever that had kicked up a notch.

It was starting to prove more than a question of-  is it/isn’t it Covid on Thursday morning. 

My husband and I decided that the best course was to get tested and if I was confirmed as positive I would start immediate treatment. The test was not pleasant but I had a very kind and considerate nurse who talked me through the process. She also gently let me know that the test confirmed I was positive. 

I made a choice to focus on getting better and chose not to be invested in the positive test result. 

I felt a level of confidence within myself that I had kept my mind, body and spirit healthy over the past 2 years and I would do everything I knew possible to aid my recovery.


I had lots of healing and support from my network of energy healers around the world. And I found it helpful to speak to friends and family who had also experienced COVID in 2020/2021. This helped me navigate through the stages of healing and actually helped ease my mind.

Given that I work with energy medicine, metaphysics and intuitive healing I remained consciously aware that there were stages to the steps I needed to take. 


Physical support and medication to help my body heal, remote distance healing session on Sunday morning (day 6) with a fellow VortexHealer to deal with the physical and energetic aspects and I also arranged a consultation to address post-COVID recovery based on natural foods and supplements for the next day.


My doctor and I chatted and there were no serious concerns – I followed his instructions on what to do and take immediately, follow up with and monitor for any issues. So far so good – my husband got me on to Ivermectin on Thursday and the body aches, headaches and fever started to improve. 


We acted quickly enough that I started to feel better physically with each passing day. My husband took care of me through the worst of the 3 days of what felt like bad case of summer flu. In hindsight the heat wave we were experiencing at the time exacerbated my symptoms.

This is when things took an interesting turn……

After concluding the consultation on day 7 with an informed recovery regiment I was further heartened that I knew what to do because information is one thing, but the right information and the right actions are critical. 

An hour after the conversation however, I unravelled emotionally when I felt a headache kick in. The previous week of keeping me on track emotionally, mentally and spiritually fell apart. I had also read something that triggered me to question what if this IS serious???! What if I haven’t recovered? 


I wasn’t prepared for the anxiety and panic I would experience that night. As I started to feel better I simultaneously started to experience Covid insomnia from the 3rd night onwards. I thought it would pass as I was going to address it the following day. But here I was now –  caught in the bullseye of a blind spot. The heat, fatigue of recovery and not recognizing the unexpressed emotions about getting sick and not wanting to acknowledge 2 big questions – why me and why now? 



Through the night I would alternate between waves of anxiety and panic and felt so unhinged that I did not sleep. As an intuitive empath I know that my energy hygiene, management and boundaries is a priority at all times. But… this was a tough combination to be sick and feel all that comes up with COV-SARS.  



A significant part of  what sits in the collective consciousness around COVID is fear of survival, death, isolation and separation. I felt this filter through me and that night I experienced anxiety and panic about feelings of isolation. But deeper than this  – I started to have thoughts about what would happen if my husband fell ill or worse….



I know the frequency of existential terror and survival fear as I have worked on this a lot both on myself and with my clients. However, life is a teacher – I worked through a deep experience last year when my family and friends were under threat during unsettling and volatile unrest in my hometown of Durban. 

I was 1635 kilometers away from them praying and sending healing through to Durban for a reprieve. (I will write a separate blog on this and link it soon.)


I knew that some of the past issues around abandonment and being alone were surfacing. Now – I have done a lot of deep work around these wounds, so I was actually glad that I was being shown which parts needed to be looked at. Journaling when I can’t sleep helps me draw out the deeper dialogue that is happening within.


I was guided to listen to my body so I could tune in to understand where I still had blocks to forgiveness and letting go.  When something doesn’t feel like it will shift this is the work we must do to find out what part of self are block. I was glad for the morning light of day 8, but I was now awake for a full 24 hours – there were no barriers that could stop the panic and anxiety which came gushing forth as I got out of bed.


I was still knotting the belt of my bathrobe when I heard my shaky voice tell my husband I needed help. I burst into tears and told him my anxiety turned into panic because I was now having thoughts about what would happen if he got sick – if he died? 

What would happen if I was alone – what would I do?

I have not been one to pursue this kind of thinking but I know that keeping fears repressed only make these feelings stronger. When I can speak about the issue I free it and myself.


We spoke for a bit as my jumbled emotions came forth. And he reflected back to me that my setback came from thinking I had recovered and didn’t have to deal with Covid anymore (this was a great coping mechanism while I was feeling ill – but it was just a plaster over a wound that needed to be cleared up and healed). My anxiety escalated when I realised that I may not be fully healed. 


The initial energy deflated and I could sense that there was more I had not been aware of – there was no logical reason for me to feel this way. As I followed the energy and emotions I was shown that I had not released and cleared my energy from working closely with a family member who had been going through bereavement with the passing of their spouse. (I am deliberate in specifying this as we sometimes become hooked into the issues of those who are close to us). 



My guides helped me work through the entanglement of emotions and energy and then when I could see what part was mine I could release, clear and transmute the energy. Doing all of this meant I had to focus on the learning and step away from the judgement.



This shifted my energy and emotional state and I could adequately clear and receive the healing that was coming through. Once we name what it is that we are feeling, sit within ourselves to embrace those parts of self a lot of healing starts to flow. 


Finding peace & healing

By mid-morning I could reflect and appreciate the lessons and the teachings I had received from falling sick. I continue to receive upgrades to my consciousness, energetic field and healing in my body. Some of the lessons that I learned are:

  • I now know what it’s like when the collective shadow energy hits the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems with no defences to deal with the impact  …. It is exceedingly overwhelming and can be a quick like a downward spiral if we don’t catch ourselves quickly enough,
  • I have experienced both the light and shadow of the virus and part of the lesson to make neither significant but to embrace the learning
  • many changes with specific reference to how I self-care, self-nurture, nutrition, rest and where I place my energy, have been re-written 
  • I understand how frightening it gets but I also know that we equally have and can find the means and ways to heal,
  • the virus simply amplifies what we hold whether it is anxiety, survival, fear and death or any issue holding us back from growing, healing and expanding in our breakthroughs must be dealt with
  • even with having done a lot of metaphysical work, healing, awakening and quantum energy work myself – I was guided to look at everything especially what my unconscious and sub-conscious was allowing to surface . Healing is a spiral journey and I was having to work at a much deeper level than I had previously been aware of
  • unravelling and connecting to what was sitting in the collective consciousness was unprecedented for me – but the support and tools were available for me to navigate through everything.

When I look within I am aware that my soul knew of the growth that was imminent when I contracted Omicron. 

This was part of the plan – when I stepped into January 2022 – if there were any parts out of alignment for the work I must do in my path of service – now would be time.

This experience has unfolded in many unexpected ways – one of them being that I can offer healing and mentoring for those who have been ill from Covid (or any other illness) so that they too may receive the learnings, transition through the lessons and step  into a greater potential.

We have a Cosmic Purpose for this Earthly Life – your role is to find and embrace it.


Blessings, gratitude and much love,


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