Stay the Course

"I’m breaking up with you….."

This was part of the message I received from my client (let’s call her Amber). It was mid-week and 5 days following a session she’d had with me. She was exhausted after a sleepless night – partly due to strange nightmares and some other issues which came up. I sensed the confusion as she had already spent the weekend recovering after her session with me. It is unusual for things to get this intense – but we are living in extraordinary times. And each client is unique to what they require for their healing and transformation. 

I last saw Amber around mid-2020 for her first session with me. I moved home to the Western Cape in South Africa shortly thereafter with no subsequent contact. Seeing her after that long a time had passed and hearing how profound the shifts were from that session was a pleasant surprise. Back to the present time, we did a deep dive into clearing toxic relationships and patterns in her session. Part of which involved instructions around after-care which I encourage clients to follow through with. 


So, when I received ‘that message’ I chuckled. I was in meditation that morning and the guidance that came through was around this topic. My team in spirit and the Divine were already connecting me to what my client was experiencing. 

Discomfort in growth. 

The messages that come through were about taking aligned action for personal growth. When we don’t know what good feels like, the familiar is comfortable and ‘safer’ than the unknown. At this point, there isn’t enough contrast or incentive to make meaningful changes – yet

We continue to stay in the uncomfortable, out of alignment with our heart and soul, until we can no longer avoid the pain, discomfort or unhappiness. (I must emphasise there is no wrongness or rightness – we stay for as long as there is something that we must still learn from the experience. This is a much bigger subject which I will write about in a separate post.)


Once on the path to self mastery we cannot easily ignore these feelings. But making the choice to change doesn’t move one into instant transformation. It involves plenty of back and forth between where we feel stuck to less stuck than we were previously. 


When enough of one’s consciousness is awakened at the root of the issue and cleared on all levels we start to feel more ‘good’ than ‘bad’. 

This is the pivot point – becoming aware and consciously choosing to commit to moving away from all the experiences, situations and even people that no longer are in alignment for us. We also become aware that slipping back into old behaviours hurt us more than they did before.


There’s a shift and energy that dials us into “this is not for me” – whether this is giving up a particular food that isn’t good for us, getting into a routine to move our body or releasing toxic relationships.


I helped Amber get some perspective and explained that there was a lot more to her previous night’s experience. It wasn’t all to do with the session:

  • part of what she was experiencing was healing and integration. The nightmares highlighted clues from the subconscious to provide greater clarity and insight into her issue.
  • we have just started to work on the deeper issues – so it was a good indication she was processing another aspect of conditioning and pain that was surfacing,
  • layered on this – this week (13 – 19 March) has had significant incoming ascension energies from solar activity which disrupts sleeping patterns, 
  • adding to it – we were a day away from a full moon on the 18th.
  • and for an encore the equinox on the 20th signifying more change and transformation in how things work especially focusing on power 
  • structures – both personally and collectively. 

At this time of our evolution in 2022, what we haven’t dealt with – even if the unresolved trauma pain or emotional issue is from years even decades ago – we will experience similar events to bring our attention to it. 


For some, it may become a stronger experience and it shows up in other areas of their lives as well. Since 2020, I have been sharing with clients and my soul-aligned tribe that we are in a cosmic pressure cooker where we are having to face all parts of Self and choose what is appropriate and soul-aligned for us and our lives. 


Amber agreed it was better to stay with the process and see it through to completion. Because we can run for a while, but we cannot hide from ourselves and the choices we must take for our transformation and growth. 


Ultimately the clients I work with recognise that they are making a commitment to themselves for this growth and transformation to truly be embodied. In the past I witnessed that clients would misunderstand that they were committing to me as a mentor/teacher/healer. 

This tends to be magical thinking* which I too have indulged in the past and once I recognised the pattern in myself I became aware of and changed.


*this is a driver (program) that has implanted/coded into the human behavioural framework: when we want something to magically transform, save us or to be saved by an outcome that doesn’t come. We place our power in something else/something external – outside of ourselves. 



I help my clients clear this and many other codes, drivers and programs. I am here to help them move through the uncomfortable, painful places and spaces which are limiting them from stepping into a more healed, joy-filled state of being.   


My values and soul-mission are to serve my soul-aligned clients transform their inner world so that they create an outer reality that looks good and feels even greater.


Are you ready to learn how to create a life you don’t have to take a break from?

 Wouldn’t you love to know how things turn out if you don’t give up? 

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