Ascension Activation (Antaneea II)

This is the next level of work in your Antaneea journey.

The Ascension Activation is facilitated through the Angelic realm and while it is the gentlest session – it is powerful.

Once you have had 3 rounds of treatment (9 sessions) you will be ready to step into the next level of healing supported by the Angelic realm. 

Or if you have done sufficient inner work on yourself and you know that you are adequately equipped to deal with transformation and deeper change. 

Where the Antaneea (an-ter-nay-ya) works on time locks from the past the Ascension Activation supports you to shift or change that issue or pattern that you are struggling with to step into a brighter, higher vibrational future.

With support from the Angelics, we invoke their support and guidance for transformation which can happen at a rapid pace! 

It is therefore important that you have been working with the issue and not just giving it over to the Angelic realm to sort out. 

The important thing in the Ascension journey is to deal with the life lessons that have been recurring and not to go into avoidance or want to escape from them.

This amazing technique is unique in that your body is anointed with 12 Divine Transformation Oils representing an Archangel. 

You will than experience soft, feather strokes of paint brushes while the Angelic realm shower beautiful, loving, high frequencies.

When you have an Ascension Activation session with me you will experience the following:

  • foot soak on arrival to get you settled in and grounded for the session,
  • short meditation to choose the most appropriate key to be incorporated in to the treatment and for you to work with after the session,
  • you will be anointed with 13 Divine Transformation oils 
  • deeper release for time locks/ emotional issues that you have struggled to let go of,
  • guidance for dealing with pain and trauma locked in the body,
  • sound healing with angelic frequency,
  • intuitive healing that supports you with releasing what is ready to be healed and channeled energy healing that deepens all of the above.

This is for you if:

  • you are ready for transformation with the support of the angels. 
  • you have been working on yourself consistently and want support and guidance to clear blockages and issues you haven’t been able to shift yourself,
  • you have an understanding of the issues you have been experiencing and take responsibility for your path and journey

This won't be suitable for you if:

  • you haven’t done sufficient inner work for yourself or you haven’t done 9 Antaneea sessions,
  • you don’t believe in healing and energy medicine,
  • you have difficulty in opening up to receiving nurturing, care and support,
  • you are happy with how things are and where you are currently,
  • you are not comfortable speaking about or working with energy, vibration, crystals, chakras, energy medicine, healing and the Universe.

Costs & Duration

Ascension Activation 60 mins:  R880


When you choose to do the Antaneea Journey this cost will be lower.

My advice is:

This is a unique treatment soothes the nervous system and send light and frequency into the cells.

While the soft feel of the brushes are a feathery light touch you will be uplifted and feel the bliss of the angelic frequencies.


I highly recommend that you choose to step into this session when you trust yourself and are willing to drop into the heart to surrender and suspend the judgements and fears you have about yourself.


There is a divine timing to everything – honour yourself and your body to know when you’re in alignment. 

Give the gift of healing to a loved one.

Vouchers are available for single session or packages. 

Sessions can be modified for individual needs. 

I would love to hear from you!

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