Antaneea Soul Massage Technique

Antaneea Soul Massage Technique

Experience a unique treatment for your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.

As you drop into a calm, tranquil state to receive channeled high-frequency healing….

You are wrapped in 12 beautifully fragranced, soothing Light Matrix healing oils which are anointed on your body while high vibrational Angel sprays uplift and enhance your energy bodies.

The Light Matrix oils used in the treatment support you with colour, sacred geometry and healing so that Mind, Body and Spirit are uplifted and healed. 

During a full session I work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Each is a different sequence of colours to provide support and transformation for what you most need. 

A treatment is made up of 3 sessions spaced between 2 – 4 weeks apart. Your healing and integration will continue for 2 weeks after the treatment (therefore at least 2 weeks between sessions is advised but no longer than a month).

You will receive guidelines on how to support yourself and deepen your healing following the session. 

All of the work I facilitate for my clients brings together my years of experience and training – you receive an all encompassing treatment regardless of the type of session. The Divine guides and supports you for the change you most need.

For what ever stage of your healing journey you are at  – regular sessions activate your light body to support your healing and ascension path.


The Antaneea is a very needed treatment for bodies to release and open up to inner healing especially during the on-going challenges humanity is currently experiencing.

Imagine being cocooned in loving, nurturing, bliss….

This is the beautiful gift and harmony of the Antaneea Soul Technique.

This is for you if:

  • you are running low on energy and your cup needs to be filled,
  • you want to hit the ‘PAUSE’ button so that you can regroup and recharge,
  • you have been working on yourself and need to integrate, harmonise and feel more balance within,
  • you want to clear and release past pain, experiences and events within a safe space
  • you are aware of recurring themes in your life (some months apart  – while some years are apart) and you know it’s time to work with transforming them,
  • your body has unresolved tension patterns which you are ready to release.

This won't be suitable for you if:

  • you are just looking for a relaxing massage  – I work in the realm of healing and energy medicine,
  • you are not comfortable with working on yourself,
  • you don’t want to look at the messages and patterns that are keeping you stuck,
  • you have difficulty in opening up to receiving nurturing, care and support,
  • you are happy with how things are and where you are currently,
  • you are not comfortable speaking about or working with energy, vibration, crystals, chakras, energy medicine, healing and the Universe.

As we work together, you will learn to regulate and maintain your energy and state of being over time. When you are ready to evolve your personal growth and development to the next level we can go deeper.

When you have a full Antaneea session with me you will experience:

  • foot soak on arrival to get you settled in and grounded for the session,
  • chakra reading and chakra card that will be further support for your healing
  • Antaneea Infinity Key that will be used in the session and for you to use for the next 2 weeks 
  • massage with the 12 colour oils for for physical, emotional and spiritual layers 
  • reading of the body for the time locks that the body is ready to release,
  • guidance for dealing with pain and trauma locked in the body,
  • sound balancing for chakras
  • ear balancing to address any issues from when you were in the womb
  • intuitive healing that supports you with releasing what is ready to be healed and channeled energy healing that deepens all of the above work.
Sessions range from 60 minutes to 2 hours depending on individual requirements.

I am happy to extend a payment plan or adjust the duration of the session so that you can receive the healing you require as well as taking financial commitments into consideration. 

Please let me know and I will be happy to discuss how we can make this work together. 

Experiences that clients have had:

I was very lucky to do the Antaneea massage with Fazila Bizior and really work through trauma ….


Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Sacred Feminine Mystic

Going to Fazila for an Antaneea session was just a blessing.


Actress, Author & Empowerment Coach

I started partnering with Fazila Bizior late October 2018. My appreciation for Fazila coming into my life is beyond measure.  


Director (Advertising)

I had an incredible experience with Fazila. She was warm, intuitive and inviting and I loved the Antaneea massage…..


HOD – Education

Fazila has helped me with so many therapies in the last 7 years – when I first when to her an Antaneea massage and Colour therapy session.


HR Director 

Thank you for the amazing Antaneea session. It was really great and professional and I really enjoyed it and the way you do it…

Samantha LR

Healer & Teacher
Owner of Serenity Natural Healing

A treatment is made up of 3 sessions which are a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 weeks apart.  

Sessions start at 60 mins and go up to 120mins .

Sessions range from R700 up to R1200. Specials are available for a package of 3 sessions. 

Enquire how you can be supported with by the Angelic realm when you embark on the Antaneea Journey.

I have been offering Antaneea sessions since 2012 and qualified as a teacher of this amazing modality in 2016. 

I love how gently but deeply this treatment takes clients, to release what no longer serves them so that they can receive what they most need for their highest growth.

The Antaneea touches the Heart and Soul and as a holder of sacred space I have a deep reverence for the trust clients place with me to open up to their inner healing.

I have witnessed the transformation of many clients once they trusted and committed to their process of healing. 

I would be honoured to be your guide and mentor through your healing journey.

Give the gift of healing to a loved one.

Vouchers are available for single session or packages. 

Sessions can be modified for individual needs. 

I would love to hear from you!

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