NLP & Therapeutic Coaching

NLP & Therapeutic Coaching

NLP is the “HOW-TO” of therapies for creating lasting change to be more resourceful and effective. 

This is a powerful framework for getting to know yourself and others, so that you can move from an unwanted to a desired state. NLP is about your experience – how you know the world and everyone in it, how you do what you do, how you create your own reality, with its heights and depths. 

The goal is to bring out what is the best within you – your inner wisdom, strength and talents.

We are highly programmed and programmable by our environment, parents, teachers, media, friends, society.  Over time we operate these programs believing them to be who WE are and what we believe to be REAL!


When we become aware of how we think and the use of language we can identify the programming and behaviours that are creating conflicts in our lives. 



This is for you if you want to:

  • create stronger interpersonal relationships
  • set goals and a vision for yourself  that will support you to achieve successful outcomes
  • empower yourself by learning how to utilise your strengths, 
  • understand your values system and what drives you
  • to overcome conflicts and weaknesses 
  • to increase self-confidence and problem-solving,
  • to determine the most effective direction for yourself
  • think more consciously and deliberately to create awareness of the choices you are making 
  • have clarity about choices and how those choices contribute to the quality of your life so that you are a conscious creators

This is not for you if:

  • you do not believe there is value in working on yourself,
  • you believe that you don’t have the time for regular sessions
  • you don’t want to look at the patterns, thoughts or mindset that are keeping you stuck,
  • you are happy with how things and where you are at currently,
  • you are not ready to do the inner work of reflection, transformation or healing.

As we work together, you will learn to regulate and maintain your energy and state of being over time. When you are ready to evolve your personal growth and development to the next level to help you go deeper.

My advice is …. 

NLP has been a game changer for me in how I live and create my life. 

I saw big shift with understanding my patterns and how to navigate them to better outcomes from applying the techniques myself. 

I use the tools across all the work I do with clients – a focused, strategic session of NLP is like being in the fast lane.

Give the gift of healing to a loved one.

Vouchers are available for single session or packages. 

Sessions can be modified for individual needs. 

I would love to hear from you!

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