Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is deep INNER WORK to bring wholeness to parts of self that have been in separation due to unresolved trauma and pain. 


Shamanic healing work is about returning your energy system to its fundamental state of wholeness and balance.


Similar to many other energy therapies shamanic healing understands that misalignment and imbalances happen when trauma or blockages affect the energy system.


Unresolved distress and pain – especially when experienced at a young age – creates blockages in our energetic system.

When the issue isn’t resolved at the time of the event, the trauma imprints into the energy field and keeps the system out of alignment and balance resulting in disease (mental, emotional, physical).

When an event has been particularly traumatic soul-loss occurs.


This refers to when part/s of the energy system fragment or split, and remain in separation or shadow, till the individual seeks out healing and integration work.



Shamanic work involves healing the split, clearing the energy, bringing these parts of self into harmony and wholeness.

Shadow work is about shedding light on those parts of Self that have been cut off from the light of the soul.


We meet ourselves at each of the step of this journey to understand what our soul lessons are and bring forward the gifts that lay within. 



Shamanic healing teaches us to hold a vision of the highest potential for the individual. 

To this end,  a shaman walks with you to clear the pain and trauma of the past, looking at what must be healed in the present so that the future can be created consciously. 


When you release who you are not and what does not serve you – you get to know who you are in your original wholeness and radiance of your light.

The session starts with talking through what is going on with you to support you in bringing the energetics of the issue to the surface. (This is not compulsory but expressing your issues is part of the healing process.)

We discuss what healing would be most effective so you can also understand what the practice is about and what you can expect:

  • Cord Cutting – releasing the impact of hooks, entanglements, past relationship cords, debris and attachments.
  • Balancing of the Inner Masculine & Feminine energies – learn to identify and understand how to work with your masculine and feminine creation energies
  • Inner child work to heal and integrate the energetic trauma and shock from early childhood events and experiences.
  • Shamanic ceremonies to offer prayers, call in support, rites of passage to commemorate milestones in our journey.
  • Womb clearing and blessings

Not all shamans perform all these ways of healing – with each having their own way and use of different traditions and rituals. Many natural shamanic tools are part of the session like crystals, stones, oils, feathers, and the voice are all used to help enable healing.

Shamanic healings provide an opportunity to go deep into our own selves and release everything that does not serve us.

Children are taught to keep their emotions ‘in check’ and for many over time – this leads to a repression of often deeply painful emotions, resulting in blockages and implants in the energetic system. 

The shamanic healing space is a sacred, non-judgmental, unbiased space where you can surrender and release like a child would – wholeheartedly without reservation! 

True healing is when we can find gratitude for the lessons no matter how painful a past. 

This is a place where we can return to our deepest self and our truths.


It is best for us to connect with 20 minutes Exploration call so that we can chat about what your needs are and if we are a good alignment for the support and healing you specifically need.  


If are comfortable to work together, we can set up a longer Discovery call when I will provide you with suitable options based on our discussion in the exploration call. 

Your programs will be specifically for you and takes into account the support, healing and integration you will require.


The following session lengths are available:

♦ Single session to address an immediate clearing, boost, to integrate and recalibrate  – particularly after a major life stage change, stressful time or a big transformation. 


♦ A 4-week program is for a specific issue which is for immediate attention.


♦A 3-month program will provide laser focus problem-solving for a specific area/theme of your life. We will work on trouble shooting, clearing up and transforming your concerns for how this aspect relates to all other areas while you gain awareness and understanding of yourself.


Longer programs are available – please contact me to discuss what this could look like for you. 

I offer payment plans so that you can meet your needs for support and development and manifest the investment you make in yourself. 

This is for you if:

  • you are ready to commit to your soul’s evolution
  • you want to work with and implement how to live in the higher consciousness frequencies 
  • you want to be empowered, liberated and free from the limitations and 3D dense reality
  • you apply the methods and teachings consistently
  • your spiritual and personal evolution is a priority for you,
  • you are open and comfortable to speak about energy, vibration, chakras, energy medicine, healing and the Universe… nothing is too ‘woo-woo’ for you.

This is not for you if:

  • you are not open to any energy work,
  • you believe that you don’t have the time for regular sessions
  • you don’t want to look at the patterns, thoughts or mindset that is keeping you stuck,
  • you are happy with how things and where you are at currently,
  • you are not comfortable speaking about energy, vibration, chakras, energy medicine, healing or the Universe. 

The work of the shaman with guidance from the Divine is to empower you to come into your own power and become your own healer.

Now is the time......

Book a call.

My advice is :  

If you have never experienced working with the shadow self I invite you to explore this aspect of you.

Breaking down the aspects that we think may be scary and painful is liberating on many levels.

My journey has taught me that while it has never been easy the growth and the rewards that we receive are priceless.

Give the gift of healing to a loved one.

Vouchers are available for single session or packages. 

Sessions can be modified for individual needs. 

I would love to hear from you!

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