What Clients have to say:

Many of my clients work with me on a long-term basis – they know that healing is an evolution. 

As they evolve in their own journey – they heal and transform deep core issues that they have been carrying for many years….. and for many – life times. 

Antaneea Soul Massage Technique

I was very lucky to do the Antaneea massage with Fazila Bizior and really work through trauma in my own life that was linked to deeper Ancestral trauma and old patterns.

All this was uncovered in one session with Fazila that allowed me to reconcile with past hurts, understand my current re-occurring patterns and their source while being able to step into a deeper space of forgiving myself. Phenomenal work. Highly recommend it!
Healer & Spiritual Teacher
Sacred Feminine Mystic
Fazila has been phenomenal in helping through my journey in the last 7 years, When I first went to her I carried such a lot of pain and heartbreak. I never thought I would ever function normally again.

Using the Colour therapy, BARS processes, Antaneea, VortexHealing and other modalities she has guided me into realizing my true potential and in aligning with my Higher Self.
I have started vibrating at such a higher frequency with all this help from her. My life has amazingly changed to the one I love living.
Going to Fazila for an Antaneea session was just a blessing. Besides it being like 3 massages in one, the energy addressed so many issues I thought I'd dealt with but were still being held in the body, and then was able to release it all.

I was processing for many days after and could feel the changes in my system and outlook.

I highly recommend her for this amazing work created by Penni du Plessis as Fazila works with integrity, deep intuition and empathy.
The oils also smell divine and I have loved having them in my home and on my body too.
Actress, Author & Empowerment Coach
I had an incredible experience with Fazila. She was warm, intuitive and inviting and I loved the Antaneea massage, her guidance and her patience as well as the personal touches at Soulfulness.
Highly recommended and a beautiful gift for your soul. Thank you so much Fazila. Looking forward to the next session, actually I can’t wait xxx
Head of Department - Education & Development
Thank you for the amazing Antaneea session. It was really great and very professional and I really enjoyed it and the way you do it, the healing felt very powerful and the overall experience was amazing, I totally zoned out and felt very peaceful during the healing. Looking forward to the next ones later on 🙂

I felt really awful on Saturday, quite "spaced out" and very sore around my neck and lower back area so spent most of the day at home and in bed 🙂 - probably part of the shifts and detox.
But on Sunday I woke up feeling really wonderful and the pain was not so bad, I was worried I might need to cancel my class but i felt great and my class went exceptionally well. I also felt so much my confident speaking and teaching the kids etc.
Samantha LR
Healer & Teacher
Owner of Serenity Natural Healing

VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing

I had my first Vortex Healing session with Fazila today and it was wonderful! We addressed a sensitive and critical part of my healing journey head-on and I felt the waves of energy shift, flow, and sink into my cells as she was working.

Light and colours came into my awareness during the session too. It felt like my whole energy body was expanded while she worked, tinkering about like a detailed watchmaker, a painter, an ancient magical healer, clearing and colouring in my energy field - like she's been doing this work for lifetimes.

I was amazed how she could pick up on so many elements of my experience without me having to tell her - she could feel what was going on with me in her own body.
She really tapped in and understood where I was, voicing where I was at and what I could work on to support the shift. I love how I could hear when there was a really potent message coming through - she was even taken aback by the force of it.

I left the session feeling electric and playful. An absolutely gorgeous, tingling, expanded feeling. I'm eager to explore what it's uncovered in the process and I'm thrilled to have been given tools to work with moving forward. Thank you, Fazila.
Business Owner
Who heals the healer? My go to is Fazila for BARS, massages, VortexHealing.
Author, Healer & Teacher
Fazila and I have been working together for nearly two years. I have found myself receiving from her as opposed to mentoring her.
What she has been able to support me with has been phenomenal. As a Divine channel, she has been a necessary part of my rehab and recovery post major trance channeling events. I also appreciate her guidance and feedback.
I would absolutely recommend Fazila for your healing journey and discovery of your inner awareness and self mastery!! 10/10 recommend.

She is loving, generous, kind, skilled at an expert level and extremely powerful as a healer and very tuned in as an intuitive. Her love and support has been a major blessing for me.
Ty Gold (US)
CEO at Ty Gold - Alchemist
I found my vortex healing session deeply relaxing and transforming. Fazila held a beautiful initiative and safe space for the healing and in the days following I unraveled some energy blocks I have been working on for a while.

I physically and emotionally feel more empowered and ready to step into creating the life I really want.
Rachel (UK)
Business Owner & Healer

I had the incredible privilege of seeing Fazila for a very, very powerful energy healing session not so long ago. Prior to the session what I had found was that I had been struggling for about 2 -3 weeks to shift a really heavy emotional burden. Coming from the background of the consciousness space as well I have very many tools at my disposal to move emotion through my own body.

But what I was so incredibly surprised and thrilled by was just how quickly Fazila was able to shift these emotions for me. Instead of having to spend hours trying to move these emotions through my body what I found was that just in the space of one session - one single session working with this incredible woman.
I had such a monumental shift in releasing all this heavy energy that was around me. And what I realised was that in working so closely and intimately with so many incredible clients in the business coaching space and the consciousness space I had been picking up a lot of other people's energy and what I really needed was someone to help support me with my own energetic hygiene.
Now I could feel the tangible of that session very much in that space but what really blew my mind was how fast I was able to integrate that experience and see almost immediate relief from that session. That one single session.

So if you are on the fence and you are considering working with Fazila, all I can say to you is that your mind will be blown and you will be so, so sad that you didn't say yes to this opportunity sooner. So if you are a healer, someone who works closely with others, professionally and in the emotional spaces as well I would highly recommend contacting Fazila for a session just to help you bring your system back to the amazing set-point that it was designed to be at.

If you are on a spiritual journey and you are looking for healing and guidance as well, I definitely would recommend Fazila hands down as one of the powerful energy medicine practitioners that I have encountered in my lifetime.
Business & Consciousness Coach

Access Bars

Who heals the healer? My go to is Fazila for BARS, massages, VortexHealing.
Author, Healer & Teacher
The BARS session was like nothing I expected but in a good way. Before the session I felt pretty excited since I thought it was more of a massage. But as the session began i was pretty nervous because I do not like opening up about myself in general, but you created a safe and relaxing environment and from then onwards I was just in another world which was much needed.

Well after the session I was really amazed that the session could have such an impact in life. I left there amazed, relaxed and i really still can't get my head around the whole feeling. But you can say that it soothes the soul.
And Thank you for that.
Melissa (CT)
Retail Assistant
I went for my first BARS session with Fazila, it was magic, it opened so many blockages I have been walking around with all my life, subsequently I have done more sessions and the Antaneea Technique Massage.
I completed the BARS Practitioner Class I was so impressed and hereby hope to help others. I can really recommend having your BARS run by Fazila as often as possible.

I would just like to say that as a Healer and Teacher you are phenomenal, from my first BARS session with you I was amazed at the change. After doing the BARS Practitioner Course you continued to mentor me and you are always available when I have any questions. Then I did the Energetic Face Lift Course with you which too was wonderful.

You teach very well, you explain clearly, I would recommend you to anybody that wishes to take part in any of the Access Consciousness Modules.
Margaret (JHB)
Healer & Bars Practitioner
"I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know Fazila for a couple of years now. - Her enthusiasm and passion for her trade is incontestable! I found myself going through multiple changes and stresses in my life's journey, and couldn't seem to break or release those negative barriers, which were holding me back. It was through Fazila's expertise that my life changed it's course, and with multiple sessions ranging from: - Conscious Colour Sessions: Rainbow Message & - Energy Healing Sessions: BARS I found myself being in a more positive state of mind, allowing me to channel my thoughts and energy more clearly, which aided in my path changing and 'breaking free' from life's nuances. Her investment with herself, in her practice and with her clients, supersedes your typical 'Client / Patient' environment, as her approach is far more personal and intuitive, to allow for oneself to address and tackle whatever challenges you may be facing. I can honestly say and recommend that her offering is incredibly dynamic and will change your life forever!"
Nick (JHB)
Marketing Director

Coaching & Mentoring

Fazila is currently supporting me with my healing journey with my son. In the first session it was amazing how she was able to support me through coaching, to identify and break down old patterns, while supplying me with day to day tools to effect change and make new choices that actually bring about the new energies in my life.
This practical approach to spiritual intervention has given me the confidence to navigate my daily challenges. I know that I'm being supported by Fazila as a healer, but I'm also being empowered to make the daily changes that really make impact. Thank you Fazila for your gift and sacred commitment to serve. (via online sessions)
Healer & Teacher (JHB)
Sacred Feminine Mystic
Thank you so much for our session*. I really am feeling so much better and lighter. I don’t have anxiety and I feel just beautiful. I feel like I’m moving towards my goals and I feel motivated to put things down for all that I would love to have. I feel my inner strength emerging again and I feel excited for all that is possible. It feels as if the energy is clearing and I’m sending back whatever doesn’t resonate with me.

I’ve had beautiful blessings this week and letting go of what doesn’t resonate with my soul seems so much easier and I’m feeling such a sense of gratitude for that. I’ve written down some of my goals and I want to add more. I keep on saying What else is possible? & it feels beautiful.

Shameema (JHB)
Head of Department - Education
Being a healer myself I know how important it is to constantly work on oneself, nurture myself and continue to do my own self healing and self development. Therefore I am very cautious and discerning of who I allow into my personal space and to work with me. I’ve known Fazila for almost 4 years and will never forget our very first meeting and healing session lying on a special mattress filled with orgonite and been taken blissfully into higher realm as she worked on me through the healing session. Fazila is a person of integrity and deep wisdom, highly intuitive, professional, very knowledgeable and a truly gifted and experienced healer and teacher.

From the moment I met her, I was inspired and in awe of her experience, the personal touch and genuine caring she had for me in all of our interactions, willing to impart knowledge and guiding me to my Shamanic Studies. We were never bound by a clock or by time but always guided as the session needed to go with the healing work and counselling afterwards.
Fazila has not only assisted me with my own personal healing, she has also been instrumental in my own personal growth helping me to overcome certain personal challenges, guiding and assisting me with transformation on my path and continuing to encourage me with my own divine mission and spiritual work which I truly respect and value.
She has also been my teacher sharing her passion for Access Consciousness and Access BARS Healing. She is a true Sage with an open heart, always willing to openly share her knowledge, healing and wisdom to be of service to empower others so they can heal and benefit humanity too.
Samantha LR (JHB)
Healer & Teacher Business Owner at Serenity Natural Healing
If you ever get a chance to do a Color Reading, I highly recommend taking the opportunity! Fazila leads it with a huge heart and has a beautiful energy! You get to feel like a kid in the candy shop picking out the colors! At least I did! I loved that.

Fazila will take you on a journey with her beautiful intuition and magical messages with each set being past, present, and future through colors and in the end it makes absolute sense. Its soooo beautiful! ✨
Ashley Mae (USA)
Healer & Business Owner
Fazila has been phenomenal in helping through my journey in the last 7 years, When I first went to her I carried such a lot of pain and heartbreak. I never thought I would ever function normally again.

Using the Colour therapy, BARS processes, Antaneea, VortexHealing and other modalities she has guided me into realizing my true potential and in aligning with my Higher Self.
I have started vibrating at such a higher frequency with all this help from her. My life has amazingly changed to the one I love living.
Shanitha (JHB)
HR Director& Business Owner
As with all things in life there is a plan, I met Fazila a couple of years ago, and she has been a healer and mentor to me in many special ways. For me her intense healing sessions are remarkable, gentle, loving, compassionate, life changing, non judgmental.
I appreciate the healings sessions and Fazila’s wisdom, from all her different healing modalities, her healings are unique and tailor made to what I require at the time, bringing immense healing shifts clarity, and joy.
I appreciate your wisdom and words, you remind me of things I sometimes forget and hep me to remember things I have forgotten and attune me to the awareness I did not know.
Sheryl (JHB)
Business Owner & Healer

I started partnering with Fazila Bizior late October 2018. My appreciation for Fazila coming into my life is beyond measure. My experience and results with her healing gifts and deeper engagement in enlightenment and understanding my human experience has offered me a rapid acceleration on my journey.

To state that Fazila is a potent healer and life coach is a gross understatement. She operates from a level of absolute grace, high vibration and heart. She is truly passionate about helping individuals and the collective consciousness through the people she works with. The care that Fazila shows in her sessions and after is quite deep. She openly shares information without any agendas, EGO and judgment. After every session I have shifted to a new level of awareness and elevation which is truly a blessing. I would highly recommend a healing session with Fazila, being in her presence and going through a healing session with her is truly life changing.
Marketing Director

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