Hello Soul friend,
I’m Fazila Bizior,

New Earth Mentor, Intuitive Empathic Healer & Metaphysical Coach.

I guide and mentor heart-centered creators, leaders, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs who are on their journey of personal development, growth and healing.


I support clients who are ready to clear and heal what no longer serves them – from stressful lives, career changes, family drama and toxic relationship patterns to deep transformational work of healing ancestral trauma and karma. 

I help my clients in the journey of their evolution of the human experience – to evolve as spiritual beings in physical form. 

It is time you found out how magnificent, incredible and amazing your life could be as the creator of YOUR experience.

I have been working with, and training in different healing arts and energy modalities for over 17 years – all of which comes together to facilitate the work I bring through. Being an Intuitive Empathic Healer means that I tune in to, and work with, the energies and vibration of people, the environment and cosmic energies.


        As a Body Work practitioner, my abilities and empathic nature enable me to connect on a deep, energetic level to hone in on the issues that are creating blockages. I follow the energetic signs and symptoms to decode the mind-body-spirit connection in order to address areas of misalignment. It is best to track to the root of the to bring awareness, healing and transformation across all levels and dimensions.  

         I unlock the time locks of past trauma in a very gentle and deeply nurturing massage called the Antaneea (anter-nay-ya) Technique which  combines colour, sound, massage and intuitive healing. 


When a client is ready, we not only release present life past experiences and events, but also from when they were in the womb. Some clients have had spontaneous regressions of past life patterns as well where these have had a current life impact.


         My training as a Shamanic Medicine Woman has taught me to work with parts of the shadow to bringing healing to the inner masculine and feminine and inner child so that parts of self that have been separated and disowned due to traumatic experience can be brought back to WHOLENESS and be integrated. Working through the shadow self brings through amazing transformation as the lessons reveal hidden gifts and strengths. 



          Where my work has taken a quantum leap is when I channel VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing which is a holistic system from the Merlin lineage.  Just this healing art alone is multi-dimensional, cosmic and guided by Divine Intelligence. 

The healing facilitated by VortexHealing® is extraordinary on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic levels through channeling over 49 unique forms of Divine vortex light.



I channel and activate Merlin’s Healing Grid which is advanced spiritual and energy technology that supports the receiver with healing for situations (like projects, events, relationship fields, interviews etc.) and for sorting out energetic chaos like global issues. 

When activated with a focus and intention Merlin’s Healing grid will clear, activate and download frequencies and energies to you, your home, buildings for physical, energetic and astral imprints. This is also useful to clear organisations, companies, small towns and cities. 


The effectiveness of VortexHealing® is the same whether the individual is present or not – Merlin’s Healing Grid interfaces with the web of life and distance does not make a difference to the session.


          I defrag and break down false programs, old emotional patterns, mental constructs using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Metaphysical mentoring to reprogram aspects of human behaviour so that you are working with what is your true Divine blueprint to create a life that brings you meaning, is joy-filled, abundant and free from the karma of the past. 



       The Access BARS and Body Processes are great for when clients want to easily slip into theta state to release false programming and conditioned mindset without needing to know the root cause of the issue. These tools are effective for children and adults alike. 


    I bring all of my life experience and training together into all of sessions regardless of the type of session that you may experience.


Ways to Work with Me


Who would you BE?

What would your LIFE look like?

My Story

It is the small actions we take along the way that lead us to our great achievements.

My journey has been profound. I have a deep love for books and a curiosity about how the Universe works….these two elements came together around 2003 when I was led to two books which had an deep impact on me.

You Can Heal Your Life changed the way I related to my parents and how I viewed my past experiences. I started to learn forgiveness and compassion by seeing the gift that painful past experiences had taught me. This book also cracked open my interest in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and the messages that life is sending to us if we could only listen.

Many Lives, Many Masters opened me up to a different way of looking at how life and death could be an empowering rather than feared experience. 

One of my biggest take outs from this book was living from the end.

What would my transition be like at the end of my life? Peaceful, joyful, content? Or resistant, filled with fear and regret? 


When I am at the end of my life reviewing this lifetime – would I be happy with the life I had lived or what difference would I have made by having lived on earth? 


At this review, (which we experience at a far deeper, amplified level) did my actions help or did they hurt others? 


Would it be heaven or would I have created hell? 


While I was experiencing this inner transformation, I was dealing with high levels of stress in my corporate job. It was tough to keep a healthy balance between career and personal life. I loved how I felt within my job and it was great to achieve rewards for my work but my relationships suffered and high levels of stress took their toll on my health. Bouts of burn-out were difficult to ignore when I struggled with low energy levels.  

I noticed something else that started to emerge – I had the ability to ‘pick up’ on emotions, conditions and feelings that others were experiencing. It was challenging to experience the stress, pain and emotions of others. I would often feel  drained and flat by the end of the day. 

It is often said that being an empath is both a blessing and a curse. It is a curse when we don’t know how to work with this ability but a blessing when this gift is used in service to humanity. 

I sought out many trainings, courses and workshops to develop myself to understand how to work and cope with being an empath. I learned about Reiki in 2006 and studied both Tibetan and Usui Reiki through to masters level. But I felt limited in my capacity to help my clients effectively. I went on to study therapies like Quantum Touch, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), crystal healing, Life Energy and others too numerous to mention here. 

In this time of struggling to understand myself, I experienced a miscarriage, while healing from endometriosis and when I fell apart so did my marriage. I was numb and didn’t want to acknowledge how desperately I needed help. It took my ex-husband and I a year before we could speak without fighting. I realised how much I had shut myself off from everything and everyone. We decided that we were ready to own our issues and work through them. However, the reality shift happened when my husband was incapacitated later in 2009. 


My career was poised for greater growth and I was faced with making a choice for the future – what kind of a life would I want to be living in 5 years, 10 years from then? Would my career give meaning to my life? 

I chose to voluntary retrenchment and went on a sabbatical in 2010 to explore what life could be like post-career of 21 years in the corporate world. I immersed myself in learning about mainstream therapies like massage, reflexology, herbology, counselling, aromatherapy and few more! I briefly headed back to the corporate world for 2 years in 2011 when I started to understand what my purpose and calling in life would be …..


I attended an Antaneea (anter-nay-yer) class which brought about profound healing and opened my world to colour therapy and healing with colour. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Access Consciousness and Access BARS. In a short space of time I found these modalities were effective in helping me to release a lot of the old constructs and helped me connect on a deeper level. I found tools that help me create my life in a completely different way!  

By my 5th BARS session I had the most clarity and heightened awareness than ever before. A big change for me was to be able to create my life and re-frame the narrative that had been running in the background. I took a leap of faith to exit my corporate job and set up my full–time practice in 2013. 


When I first encountered the shamanic path in 2012 I embarked on my deepest healing to date till then. I was under the assumption that I had done a lot of work on myself only to discover that the real trauma was held in my shadow self and that of my ancestral bloodlines.  I have trained with Joshua Maree in various long term shamanic programs and many teachings since 2014. 

Joshua brings through the sacred teachings of the Androgynous Keys and the Neuro Androgynous  which is technology that works to bring together the union of the opposites – the masculine and feminine, the shadow and light and ultimately the split from Divinity. This work facilitates the purification of the kundalini energy for the transformation of the physical body to hold more light. 


I have received various initiations in the shamanic tradition of Munay Ki, 13th Rite of the Womb and the Nusta Karpay. My training and transmissions are from teachers who are part of the Quero and Andean traditions. Shamanic teachings have strengthened and empowered me to heal deep soul wounds and learn to walk between the worlds of light and shadow.

In 2015 I found the VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing art which is an advanced attunement based consciousness healing system. I  continue my advanced training with VortexHealing® to support my healing and awakening path. 2021 marks an important year in my development and training in this healing art. 


In 2017 I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysics and I am currently working on my Masters in Metaphysics with my ultimate goal and vision being to achieve a Doctorate in Metaphysics.

To strengthen my coaching and mentorship abilities, I completed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in 2020 so that I can support my clients to experience even more amazing transformations and breakthroughs.

I have learned and experienced that fear is something everyone experiences – even the brave. 


One can be scared and not brave, but one cannot be brave and not scared. 


In 2014 life needed me to be stronger and find the courage to face another life lesson that impacted me deeply. My dad had suffered a series of severe heart attacks while on pilgrimage. I was very happy that he returned home but he faced many challenges as he progressively deteriorated until he passed on 4 days after his 71st birthday in 2018. 


His journey was my initiation in learning to understand the very human journey and growth we undergo. I learned about honouring the process of living, death, grief and healing. The question that started my transformation in 2003 touched every part of my life. 

I have been blessed to have had the support and being able to train and work with incredible teachers. 


I am very grateful to acknowledge my journey and tell you that it has not always been clear where I was heading and what I would achieve. I am deeply appreciative and grateful for the gift that each class and the growth I have experienced throughout.


My awareness and consciousness opened up for me to see that all that the training and learning is not for me alone…. It is very necessary in my work now and how I support my clients  now and for my work ahead.

If you’re wondering what to choose or where to start  –  the biggest step you will take. . . . is when you have the awareness that something must change…..

You don’t need to figure out what it is – for the journey itself is the discovery. 


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