This is a Journey of Healing AND Awakening to deepen your spiritual growth.

Beyond our physical reality in 3D, we must harmonise our emotional maturity, behavioural patterns, mental  state, physical expression and consciousness to live a life of purpose, abundance and freedom, from and as the higher frequencies and vibration of New Earth.

In my journey of self-mastery I was guided to unmask the false programs, social conditioning and imprinting and  tune into the Divine so that I could break down what was illusion and step into my soul and Divine mission. 

The old 3D programming kept me limited and believing that drama, trauma, lack and scarcity were part of my experience and my cross to bear for life.


My path thankfully, has revealed that the blueprint for our evolution lies within the lessons that we learn along the way. 

In this constantly evolving process as we heal and integrate, we learn more about who we are not in order to get to the awareness of who we are at the soul level. 


I prayed and asked for awareness which led me to this path of awakening. The shedding of the old identity empowered me to continually choose growth to align and strengthen my human-spirit connection.


Our highest points of achieving abundance, freedom, love, joy, are through the transformation of Self – by becoming aware that we are more than the programs and beliefs we believed we were, to realign to our soul’s truth.

I teach and mentor my clients to , build emotional resilience, cultivate mental stamina, mature in their consciousness and advance their spiritual evolution. 


While healing trauma is an important part of personal and spiritual development doing the inner work is critical for our evolution.


The embodiment of the truth of who we are and sharing this essence with the world is how we become the conscious creators of our reality.

As your mentor in your healing, spiritual or personal development journey it is my privilege to support and fulfill the role of: teacher, advisor, coach, and sacred witness of your evolution


During each session together we create and build a strong foundation for empowered 5D living while you learn skills, tools and how to take aligned actions so that you create an abundant, joyfilled, expansive experience in the 3D realm.

 The Inner Work Mastery Mentorship Program

The Inner Work Journey starts where you are. Our lessons and growth are not linear – we spiral through our experiences. Each spiral gives us new teachings and new awareness.


 The Inner Work Mastery program is a journey of transformation and awakening to transform and embody the mastery of your inner planes of consciousness so that you can become the creator of your outer-3D reality. 


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My advice is....

Until I had started working with one of my long-term mentors in 2012, I  worked with many different healers for close on 10 years. I found that I struggled as this approach lacked consistency, took me longer to integrate and the most important part – the work didn’t go deep enough for transformation. I must stress – this was not due to any of the healers or the therapies. 

I had not found any one to who resonated on this level till I was guided to work with one of my very close mentors Natalie Leeming.  With Natalie’s help I deepen in my healing and in my work. 

2 years later the Universe connected me with Joshua Maree which enhanced my energy work and shifted me into working with sacred inner union of the masculine and feminine and the Androgynous Keys. 

Having the support and guidance of 2 powerful, authentic teacher-mentors has been crucial to me remaining committed and working consistently on my awakening path. 

I have been immensely empowered to navigate through challenging times and expanded beyond what I believed was possible for me. The spiritual journey is a calling which once we have heard it, we cannot turn our back on. 

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