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Our bloodlines don’t just pass on trauma on to us, they also pass down are our ability to heal, our strength, 

wisdom and gifts. 

As a healer I hold a sacred space for you open up to the awareness of what these are. 

When we raise our personal vibration – we lead the way to empower those around us to do the same. 

Where to start?

Check below to see which type of session best suits you. 

Once you know whether you want an In-Person or Online session – you will find links to different healing and treatments 

or go to the Healing & Mentorship page for more information. 


In person sessions are for hands-on treatments and body-work sessions. 

Unless one is born with a condition, we either have a genetic pre-disposition that we inherit from our bloodlines or the condition manifests due to emotional, mental and spiritual suppression. 

Everything in the Universe is energy. We have thoughts which lead to an emotional state which flood the body with chemicals and hormones that resonate with the frequency of the emotion experienced. When we stay in this state for long enough (all it takes is 68 seconds) these feelings become a pattern and lead to beliefs which become part of the personality and energy system especially if there was a strong an emotional charge.


When the issue has not been resolved at the spiritual level (when we ignore our intuition), and if we react in a particular way for a long time (in the case of some for decades), the body manifests the issue as a disease to show us that there is an internal crisis. 

The disease is a message that we have been ignoring thoughts, feelings, mental, emotional and spiritual issues about what has not been working for some time. 


Holistic healing requires that we heal on all levels. As an Intuitive Empathic healer when I work with my clients, I tune into the messages and signals the body, mind and spirit has been trying to communicate. The messages generally are about the trauma and emotional suppression that has not been dealt with. I track what is going on with asking you questions (lots of them) and I sense into the energy of what is showing up. 

Initially clients don’t resonate with what is showing up because they are resistant to their issues. I have had clients come back to me days to sometimes years later to say me that they finally understood what I had advised them on. 

Since the pandemic, bodies are in need of touch – which helps us to heal, feel nurtured and loved and speeds up the healing capacity. Having body-work done reflects our capacity to receive and therefore it is encouraged that you have an in-person session – BUT the healing is no less complete via distance. 


These treatments can only be done in-person:

The Antaneea Soul Massage Technique 

Antaneea Ascension Activation 

Access BARS which must be run in-person via points on the head.

Access Energetic Facelift require hands-on specific positions on the face.

Access Body Processes require hands-on specific positions on the body.

Some specific VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing sessions to modify genetics and DNA.

Some Shamanic Healing work, ceremonies and energy medicine for advanced work. 

Cord-cutting, clearing and Light Body activations.

I will advise when an in-person session is necessary vs an online session. 


Most of the training and skills I have developed supports powerful and effective remote distance healing. (All of these are available in-person.)


I work via an online platform like Zoom or Whatsapp and can facilitate distance healing without you needing to online with me – but I suggest that you make the time to be available and receive the energy work during the session. 

You may lie down and be comfortable with your camera off with the ability to hear and speak to me. Once I have connected with you I am guided to what is most required for the session. 



I will ask questions that are relevant for what needs to be shifted and I communicate what comes through. I may receive impulses around blockage, pain, trauma, patterns that must be released and healed. This guides me as I track the issue to uncovering and clearing imprints, time-locks, false programming, faulty coding and what ever else is appropriate.



Clients will have varied experiences from sensations, tingles, colours to emotional release, pain and memories. But you need not experience anything for the work to be successful. (Energy works as it needs to – sometimes requiring that certain circumstances are set up or cleared before a change is experienced.)



If you are new to my work and me, you may book an introductory Energetic Tune up session to experience a remote healing session. Please also look at testimonials especially for VortexHealing which is how my clients are primarily supported via remote distance healing sessions. 


Online Sessions which are also available in-person:

Colour Reading

NLP Therapeutic Coaching

Metaphysical & Spiritual Mentorship

Intuitive Healing Transmission and Activations

VortexHealing Divine Energy System (excludes specialised genetic and DNA modifications)


Introductory Energetic Tune Up

15 mins exploratory call 


Mentorship programs are a combination of intuitive healing, NLP Therapeutic coaching, Metaphysical and Spiritual Mentoring, VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing and body-work if you are in a local area.

This is a customised program which is tailored around your specific needs. A Discovery Call is required so that I can work on the optimal structure for you.


VIP days are exclusive full days spent with me either in-person or online working with you to work on whatever you most need to shift, heal, release and call in. 

The session will take you through a deep inner journey that taps into higher realms but is anchored and grounded to upgrade your reality. 

Set up a 15 minute call with me to discuss how I can help you and to see if we are a good alignment to work together.


Give the gift of healing to a loved one.
Vouchers are available for single sessions or for packages. Sessions can be modified for individual needs.

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