The Inner Work Mastery Program

 The Inner Work Mastery Mentorship Program

The Inner Work Journey starts where you are. Our lessons and growth are not linear – we spiral through our experiences.


At this time and age of consciousness, we have been challenged with uncertainty and difficultly of dealing with changes we have yet to realise. The old way of doing is out…. we have been ushered into the world of BE-ing.


I see so many struggling with the burden of repeated patterns in not just one but multiple areas of their lives. They  know that there is so much more that they could be achieving ….but they are struggling with how to get there.


We first learn through our own pain, then we see this reflected through others and when unresolved, it extends from one aspect of life to other areas. When we consciously choose to heal soul wounds, practice new mindsets and behaviours, we disrupt the old pattern to bring about conscious change.

The Inner Work Mastery program is a journey of transformation and awakening to transform and embody the mastery of your inner planes of consciousness so that you can become the creator of your outer-3D reality. The programme will give you tools, practices and techniques to work with between sessions. 



This is  important for self-mastery – that you learn to resolve and manage both your physical reality and your conscious evolution.


We come into our lives to have the experience of soul wounds, to learn the many lessons and ultimately achieve SELF-MASTERY for both our Human and Spiritual evolution.

What you can Expect

It is best for us to connect with 20 minutes Exploration call so that we can chat about what your needs are and if we are a good alignment for the support and mentoring you specifically need. 

If are comfortable to work together, we can set up a longer Discovery call when I will provide you with suitable options based on our discussion in the exploration call. 

Your program will be specifically for you and takes into account the support, healing and integration you will require.

 ♦ A 3-month beta program to provide laser focus problem-solving for a specific area/theme of your life is now enrolling. We will work on trouble shooting, clearing up and transforming your concerns for how this aspect relates to all other areas while you gain awareness and understanding of yourself.


You will build a toolkit to help you learn foundation exercises to better develop self mastery skills. Very importantly you will be honing your skills to be aware of your personal energies and where you place your attention and focus. Along with the toolkit, we will build a blueprint or the energetic architecture through out the journey.


At the end of 3 months you will have a personalised toolkit and blueprint to help you anchor and co-create 5D New Earth Living for Inner Mastery of 3D physicality.

The program: 

You will receive 3 x 90 mins sessions per week consisting of different aspects for clearing, mentoring and healing. 

In between support



Beta-test group now enrolling up until 31 January 2022 with limited spots available. Please contact me for details.

The program is available 1:1 in-person (Cape Town South Africa) or online.


If this sounds like you could benefit with working with me please book a free Discovery session for us both to explore how we could work together towards your personal development and growth.


This is for you if:

  • you want to create from the higher 5th dimensional way of living and have limitless joy in the 3D world,
  • you are committed to taking action and doing the inner work for your soul’s evolution
  • you are ready for conscious co-creation and collaboration, 
  • you are ready to invest time, energy and resources in yourself 
  • you are ready to work on all aspects of your life so that you can learn to bring through harmony, calm peace and ease 
  • you want to know how to transform your fears, blocks and limitations into learning, wisdom and growth,
  • you want to tap in to your unlimited potential, cultivate your strength and tune in to your inner knowing,
  • you want to work with and implement how to live in the higher consciousness frequencies 
  • you want to be empowered, liberated and experience freedom from the limitations and 3D dense reality
  • you are committed to applying the methods and teachings consistently
  • your spiritual and personal evolution is a priority for you.

This is not for you if:

  • you do not wish to work on yourself,
  • you don’t have the time for regular sessions or to apply the work,
  • you don’t want to look at the patterns, thoughts or mindset that is keeping you stuck,
  • you are happy with how things and where you are at currently,
  • you are not open to any energy work,
  • you do not see value in investing in your spiritual or personal growth,
  • you are not comfortable speaking about or working with energy, vibration,  chakras, energy medicine, healing and the Universe.

Book a Call with Me

If you feel there is alignment for us to work together, please book a Discovery call to discuss how the Inner Work Mastery Program can help you.

My advice is....


Doing the inner work allow us to re-condition the conscious mind, our emotions and mental patterning. What ever way you choose to do this, know that each step – no matter how small – will contribute to your evolution. 


Contact me if you would like to find out how I can support you. 


I would love to hear from you!

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