VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing Protocol Structure

VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing Protocol

The following is a protocol of healing that you could expect receive. The sessions are guided by Divine intelligence and aligned to what is for the highest truth and growth.

1. Relax, strengthen and energise the energy system (Divine lines are energised, energy bodies and chakra system support) and Merlin’s Healing Grid for what ever support is needed at the time. 

Recreating the grounding cord for the receiver so that a feeling of stability and feeling one’s sense of home on the planet.

Before attempting any further work, it is important that the energy system is sufficiently prepared so that the receiver has the energetic support to clear, release and integrate (allowing the body and energy system to ground allows the session to anchor into the body).

2. General release, general karmic release and clearing the imprinting of the emotional causes related to rejection from the past, from the family especially when rejected from one or both parents, karmic issues around rejection, clearing the imprinting of the mother and father blood line, clearing her genetics.


Clearing, releasing all of the chakra system with specific focus on all related organs to clear and to upgrade them. Often I include bringing in a particular quality like joy, love, nurturing or integration as we are preparing the client’s energy system for deep energy work at this stage.


3. Deepening release:

clearing pre-karmic level, karma knots related to the issue and the karmic bodies through all layers – this is a significant session and requires that the previous 2 have sufficiently prepared the energy system.


4. Continuing with Deepening release – clearing of the energetic bodies, epigenetics, karmic field, working on the brain aspect of the issue.


5. Strengthening the energy system – for shut down energy pathways, meridians, voridians and jin-shin pathways, chakra system and body-mind wakeup system.

6. Session 5 is repeated to build the energy system as a whole and catch up the receiver’s life field, relationships and their personality. This is necessary with the level of transformation that the receiver undergoes.

7. to 10 are for strengthening weak organs, detoxing if required, additional energetic upgrades where needed, organs are strengthened and various homeopathics, potions, elixirs and sacred geometry is channeled.

The last session is closed off with a Merlin’s Healing Grid puja for intention setting and Divine blessings for the receiver’s life path ahead.

All sessions are guided by Divine Intelligence for the best, highest and most appropriate timeline  for the individual’s life path.


Sessions range from 30mins up to 90mins – most sessions are easily done via distance with you present on a Zoom/whatsapp video call. Some specific treatments require in-person sessions which you will be advised of.

Sessions range from 30 mins: R300 / $25 and 60 mins:  R750 / $45. 


 *Please note that these are standard sessions – advanced techniques cover issues like entity clearing, complex psychic surgery, cancer support while undergoing chemotherapy, end of life transition, ICU and post- operative support.

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